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PENDING   This status will be appear when you already paid for your order. The exchanger is waiting for the action from our side.This status may have also shown when payment is manual, you clicked on confirm before making a payment in this case we will check your exchange order If we don't received your payment we will cancel or delete your order.

COMPLETED   This status will be appear when we already complete your order from our side. I.e. we send money to you.

- If you enter wrong data when you create an exchange order.
- If you do not follow payment sending rules properly.

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Our Reserve Now

Perfect Money. USD
182.21 USD

Neteller. USD
632 USD

Skrill. USD
357 USD

Payeer USD
123.56 USD

Bkash Personal BDT
73610 BDT

Rocket Personal BDT
67500 BDT

Nogod Personal BDT
58920 BDT

Bkash Agent BDT
00.00 BDT

Rocket Agent BDT
00.00 BDT

39.77 USD